• Synergy Group is proud to be part of Elite Group Of Real Estate Developing Companies – Achieves ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Cetifications in one go….!!!

    ISO - 9001Synergy Group very proudly announce our achievement of the triple certification - ISO 9001 , 14001 and ISO 18001 in the very first attempt ., in a record time . These certifications puts us in the top elite group of very few real estate and construction industries having all three QMS accreditation , in Gujarat. This is really a dream come true for all Synergians and Our Business Partners.

    ISO - 14001The achievement is not of an individual or a team, but that of the organization, our business associates and our esteemed customers too. The Team Synergy really toiled hard for days and nights, weekdays and weekends, devoting their personal time compliance of all requirement and implementation of all systems in true word to ensure compliance to ensure as spirit .

    ISO - 18001Today I indeed feel proud of my team for exhibiting professionalism and team work, rising to the occasion demanded within the organization, at all levels, to perform and demonstrate that ‘WE CAN DO IT’….It reminds me of the saying ‘IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT’…..and what more to say, WE INDEED DID IT!!!

    To all of us at Synergy Group, getting ISO Certification is just the first step towards becoming a Quality Conscious Organization. Our journey has just begun, we have many more miles to go. Many more milestones to achieve . While the celebration for this great achievement will continue, we will simultaneously keep working for many more milestones.
  • Learning is a continuous process at Synergy Group.

    “ To me ,Life is a school and learning will never end till I die” said Abraham Lincoln once . Synergians have adopted this quote in true spirit. The way work and results are given importance , learning has also become an integral part of life of all Synergians . To ensure that the learning curve continues to scale up , regular learning sessions by various experts in different fields , are organized at all sites by Synergy Group .Some of the photographs of selected learning sessions are just here . After all we at Synergy group strongly believe “ Never stops learning as life would never stop teaching ”.
  • Synergy Group Celebrates Festival of Lights :

    Synergy Group follows family values and traditions and treat each member as a family member . Together we celebrate all major festivals and achievements . Following the same tradition all sites of Synergy Group celebrated Deepawali . All members including the employees of various contractors and agencies were part of this celebration . Here are some glimpses of celebration of this festival.
  • 20th April 2013, Evening 6:30 onward On the occasion of RAM NAVAMI and organised Bhajan Sandhya By Rajiv Vyas
  • June:-A Sneh Milan Samarambh – a small get together was organized by our Central Bazar ,Varachha Team. This was attended by our business associates ,investors and family members .The entire event was hosted by a renowned R J from surat and was very well attended. it was a very live and fun filed evening where in all members played games, danced and spent quality time together. Our promoters and partners addressed the guests and discussed the progress at Central Bazzar, at Varachha and future developmental project of our group.
  • June:-Synergy group is a family with a strong set a values, one of which is to value association of our employees with synergy group. In June , 3 of our members completed one year of their association with our family and we organized a small celebration for them to appreciate their contribution to our family. Mr. Jayendra Ravalji ,Mr. Kiriti bonde and Mr. Prashant Agrawal completed one year of their association with us and we all reciprocated to their value addition all good luck for a long and fruitful association with Synergy Group.
  • July:- Finally our dream of having our own Corporate House has come true. Our New Corporation building “SYNERGY HOUSE” which Is ready on Gaurav Path , Piplod in one of the most posh localities of surat, we all Synergyians placed at corporate office will soon shift to our New home on 19th July 2013… The day coincides with the birth day of the Head of synergy Family- Shri Anant Agrawal. The spacious New office will have a floor for each function (Department) and common amenities for all members. This will be just another milestones for all Synergy and our journey towards success will continue as we cross many more such milestones.
  • August:- A formal inaugural ceremony of our Synergy House is organized on 2 August 2013. All members of Synergy family and our well wishes and business Association have been invited to be part of this small celebration. We propose to Launch our First news letter- Synergy Times on this very special day along with our website...