Synergy Foundation

Synergy Foundation extends a helping hand for noble causes
Synergy Group understands its social responsibility as a Corporate Organization and to effectively fulfill the responsibility we have started the Synergy Foundation Though the Foundation is in its infant stage, it has made a humble beginning towards its contribution to the society. Rather than offering direct contribution, the Foundation has decided to play the role of a facilitator for social services,hence, it has identified voluntary organizations with a supportive professional set up. So far its contributions have been through these voluntary organization in the following two major areas :

(1) Lions Cancer Detection Centre , Surat :
Lions Club is a renowned internationally acclaimed voluntary organization. Lions Club Surat runs a well equipped cancer hospital in collaboration with and in the campus of New Civil Hospital , Surat. It provides treatment at a subsidized rate to the cancer patients. The Foundation has joined its hands with this institution.

(2) Traffic Education Trust , Surat :
Surat Traffic Education Trust works on identifying causes of accidents in urban areas and ensures appropriate actions to eradicate those causes. The Foundation contributed substantially in Surat Traffic Police’s appreciable initiative of installing CCTV cameras in the City.

As an upcoming organization, the Foundation’s endeavor will continue to serve the society through various similar initiatives in the days to come.